Apr 07

5 Frame National Nuclei for sale.

I am offering for sale from late June National five frame nucs with genuine British hybrid queens. :)  Reasonable temperament and steady on the comb. £75 per nuc collected. Mail me for more information.



Dec 18

New features and layout. Poly hive Blog. A must read for new visitors!

poly-hive.co.ukThe Poly Hive blog went under some major reconstruction 15/12/12. With the site becoming very popular in such a short amount of time even though the site was still under construction and time to make the changes was very short I am happy to announce the site is finished.  Which is to say  the layout is finished, but the good quality articles, guides and stories will keep coming. It is intended to increase the video content this season, especially if I can find someone to work a camera for me!

I will try in this post to give you some quick tip’s on using this website to it’s full potential. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 06

Honey: Getting it home

Clearer boards1 DSCF0937 DSCF0938 DSCF0940 DSCF0946 DSCF0949I will start by saying I throughly detest Porter bee escapes. I have two good reasons for this. The first is the escape it’s self is prone to failure. It might be a fat drone getting stuck or it might be the springs are not set properly and the escape fails. Yes if it’s in the garden it’s no big issue but if you have driven a distance it is a real pain to find the supers full of bees still.

My 2nd reason is that the supply companies love to sell crown boards with the holes pre cut for the Porters. This in turn leads on to fiddle fadding winter feeding. People make up little amounts of candy and put it over the porter hole and think they have fed the bees with 250 grams of feed. Err… no. I put on feeding ekes and give four or five kilos of bakers fondant at a time. I then leave them to it and check once a month to ensure they have feed, and I like to see feed still there in Spring.


My escapes have no working parts and can be made at home by anyone who can use a hand saw and a hammer. Please see the pics below. Being a tight git I cut plastic escapes up to fit my boards as I think the escapes in the corners work better than with the hole in the middle.




Aug 06

Disaster: I broke a super.

I slipped whilst barrowing some supers and one landed badly and the 30 odd pounds of honey broke off a side. Scrap super? Nope. Simple glue and screw repair. Glue well orientation Screws Tool list

Jul 16

Season over view mid July

It’s been a good season here for me. In all honesty it’s probably been the best season I have ever had. 


Started some 18 nucs and all the queens were mated with in 10 days!. Bred up some more queens as spares and they mated successfully too. I ran some drone comb to help with the matings and not a varroa to be seen in there. Which in turn shows that the Oxalic treatment makes a good job, for this season certainly. 


The best hive has sat on a double national p[oly brood and never offered to swarm (2nd year queen) and produced some 200 lbs of comb honey into the bargain (bless her). 


Further, to my amazement I hit a Lime flow. Now I have been on this site for four seasons and the last three there was not a wiff of lime. This year due I suspect to the drenching during the winter the lime came up trumps and a wee walk round the woods on the farm revealed there are 28+ lime trees in the immediate area. :) There is a substantial amount of lime comb honey on the hives consequentially. 

Drones on the way DSCF0928 Cut comb cuttingEnjoy the photos







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