Feb 13

Clara Furness Wax Polish Recipie

10 gms Carnuba Wax this is for a hard finish. 

90gms wax

500mls solvent. Now this can be pure turps, or 300 white spirit and 200 turps or even less but the turps smell is what sells this product. 

Melt it all in a double boiler and pour into containers and allow to set. 

Rub on with clean lint free cloth, leave for 20 minutes to allow the solvent to evaporate and buff up. 



Feb 10

As Winter draws on

Do please keep hefting for the weight of stores as with the lengthening daylight brooding will be starting up soon and more reserves will be consumed.

Now is also the time to be deciding what techniques you are planning on using for making increase and swarm control. Remember breeding (taking queen cells) from swarmy hives is most likely to intensify the swarming instinct. 😉 Make sure you have enough equipment to do your manipulations, and also remember you ned 3 supers per colony at a minimum. Why? If all three are full what do you clear them down into? Yes they need space to move to.


Hopefully it will be a great season but as ever the weather rules us.





Dec 25

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a wonderful day.



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