Aug 22

Evening Classes in the Scottish Borders

As part of the Winter evening class program the Scottish Borders Council is offering a Beekeeping Class starting November 2017 for 8 weeks.

For more information please contact:


Tracey Whitmore

Clerical Assistant

Borders College

6 Market Place




Direct Dial:- 01835 863781



Aug 12

Setting up a new colony

Up here in the Scottish borders it is in my view too late to be setting up a new colony especially if you are thinking of getting a queen started from scratch.
Hard as it may be it is now better to wait until spring and eight buy a nucleus colony that some one else has taken the over wintering risk for or do some Queen rearing and start some nucs up yourself.

Apr 28

A heads up

Now the active season has truly begun there are a few items you should have to hand.


On average you need three supers per colony, one to clear the other two into and to hold the bees while you extract the honey.

Spare frames and wax for same, not to mention nails and a tack hammer.

Enough excluders for all your colonies.

Spare floors roofs and brood boxes for doing artificial swarming.

A plan to put into action for when grubs in queen cups or sealed cells are found.

Wishing you full supers and some lovely weather.


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