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Jan 11

Honey sales. What not to do….

I was in the South last week and in a farm shop came across some honey. Actually I had to ask where it was as I couldn’t see it at first. It had a yellow text on a green background, which made it pretty invisible and it cost me £3-50.    Various countries have regulations for …

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Dec 25

The art and craft of nucleus creation and management.

The art and craft of nucleus creation and management   Nuc: A miniature colony comprising Queen and workers mainly. Usually five brood combs or less.   Note I am not discussing mini nucs in this article as they are a specialised unit specifically for queen mating.   My preference for poly is more than vindicated …

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Aug 19

What poly to buy?

The first thing is to ask the density. 100gms/litre is the standard.  Next is wall thickness, I am not happy unless there is 40mm all round.  Are mice engineered out? The entrance should not allow mice in. Some do so beware.  The roof should have sides that keep the roof on reasonably well. A brick …

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