Mar 23

Major milestone!

The site had its 50,000th page read last night, since the site launch on the 22nd of Sept 2012


Not massive numbers possibly but numbers that are increasing week on week, and the feeds are getting close to 2000, and also steadily increasing week on week. 

Makes the effort  well worth while. Thanks everyone




  1. martlakes

    Hi Pete,
    Just found your site after reading ” Jane & Geordie” in this month’s BeeCraft. Interesting site, thanks.
    I now only use National Poly hives and they are Swi-bo / Denrosa which I get from Wynne Jones. I find they are the best but I use wooden open mesh floors.

    1. Poly Hive Pete

      Thanks, glad you are enjoying the site. Wooden floors work perfectly well with poly so long as they are OMF. The critical issue is the warmth above and to the sides.


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