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Foundation comes in three main types, Wired, Unwired and Drone. It comes in two sizes, Super and Brood. It also comes as super thin cut comb foundaiton and that is hwat I use for my Cut Comb production.

Some like to save a halfpenny and cut CC foundation in half diagonally but it does not look bonny when drawn out and can indeed create a real mess in the supers if the bees are left bewildered and go their own way.

Most is sold as wired. As far as I  know most frame wiring is done for Heather work. Un wired and wired foundation can be used with wired frames, the double wiring making the combs more robust for agitation pre heather extraction. (Heather honey is thiotropic and has to be agitated pre extraction or else pressed to remove it from the wax.)

Foundation is sold in packs of ten. Just something to remember if you are planing on replacing or waxing up a National which of course takes 11 frames…

The foundation shown in the pics below is wired National and National Cut Comb.



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