Preparing Show wax

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Wax for Show (No 3) An NHS Publication By F. Padmore

This description of the process of producing the finest quality wax blocks for show by Paddy as he was invariably known, is the most comprehensive method of producing consistent prize winning beeswax blocks.
Introductory Note by Hon. Sec. of NHS

Apart from wishing to provide interest and pleasure for Beekeepers, the National Honey Show has the serious aim of raising the standards of production of honey and all other bee produce.

With this objective in view, leading authorities have been invited to write for our Schedules on a number of subjects and their work is here available for more general distribution. We wish to thank all our contributors, they are leading exponents of their skills, we have, however, to make it clear that the advice which they give is their own individual method, we feel sure that they would be the first to encourage new alternative ways of preparation with a view to continual advancement and progress within the Craft.

Hon. General Secretary

Paddy and his wife Margaret were well known at all the shows and I learned a great deal from him.

Wax for Show By F. PADMORE

I have been asked “What is the use of a class for a plainly moulded cake of wax weighing a certain amount?” The truthful reply is “None”. However for the exhibitor there is no doubt that the production of a perfect cake of wax is a real challenge to his skill. In honey classes care and cleanliness are the main considerations, but whilst these are of importance in the wax class, without skill, success will not be obtained. It has been said that an exhibitor who gains an award for wax deserves a gold medal as large as a frying pan.

After this introduction let us consider the production of a cake of show wax. There are two things which must always be remembered. Never allow wax to be heated above 90

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