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Effects on inbreeding on the honey bee.

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Effects of inbreeding on the honeybee
Dorian Pritchard, Dip. Gen., PhD

Reproduced from the Magazine of The Scottish Beekeepers’ Association, with their permission. This document forms a reply and clarification to documents and letters previously published in the ‘Scottish Beekeeper’ and this article itself appeared in the November 2007 issue, Vol 84, No 11, page295. In addition this article also appeared in the 2007 Autumn Issue of Bee Improvement Magazine (number 28). Style and layout have been changed to suit screen presentation. The white panel below contains the original text, which should to be read in conjunction with the original article.


In the July 2007 issue of The Scottish Beekeeper (Vol. 84, No. 7, pp. 188-192) there appeared an article with a similar title to the above, this being the translation by A.E. McArthur of a paper by Professor Kaspar Bienefeld, at that time working at Das Institut f

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