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Filtering Wax my way. :)

The “machine” in the videos was built to my design by a company in Arbroath Scotland many years ago now. The principle though was from a? unit made by a long gone company called Mountain Grey.

What I like about the filter machine is you can go from effectivley rubbish comb to candle pure wax in one operation.

It works on the basis that wax floats on top of hot water and cold water pushes up hot water, and with the filter in place up to and including double surgical lint, you end up forcing the wax through via hydrostatic pressure.

Dimensions, none of which are critical, Drum height and width, 550mm x 315mm. Lip dia 410. Spout 300ID x 90 long pointing down slightly. Spout goes to the bottom of the drum and is 865 heigh with the funnel 130mm.

Before using the cold water I run a kettle of boiling water down the spout.

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