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British Standard Beehive and Frame types

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British Standard Beehive and Frame types

The “National” hive is the accepted standard in the UK and suits native type bees admirably. However it may not be the best answer if you wish to keep hybrid bees, but the B.S. Commercial brood box or 14″ x 12″ box can be used to house such bees, yet retaining compatibility of the National parts.

I have a special liking for “Top Bee Space” National Equipment and there are some items in the “Rational” page that may interest other users of Top Bee Space Nationals.

The WBC hive accepts British standard frames, but has fallen out of favour due to its complexity and cost.

The Smith hive takes frames that are “standard” apart from shorter lugs. Common in Scotland

The B.S. Commercial hive has a larger volume and is suited to the Italianised bee hybrids that are found more in the south of England and can benefit from the milder weather.

The Dartington hive is now manufactured in UK and is a ‘long idea’ hive that uses the 14″ x 12″ frame for it’s brood rearing.

Also now there are Top Bar Hives, and thankfully Poly Hives are now far more common and very price competitive.


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