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Neighbour Hive

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Neighbour’s Bee Hive, a historic type

Alfred Neighbour was a beekeeping entrepreneur who lived in the 1800s, he had a beekeeping supply business located at 149 Regent Street in London, the business had been established by Alfred’s father, George Neighbour, in 1814.

There is often confusion between Neighbours hive and the Stewarton hive as Alfred Neighbour sold many Stewarton hives, some of which were made in Scotland to very high standards of workmanship.

It is known that Alfred Neighbour also produced hive bodies that were compatible with the Stewarton hive, but it is not known whether they followed the Stewarton or Neighbour pattern.
Neighbour’s Bee Hive, photographer unknown, enhanced from ‘Bee Craft’ January 2002 edition


There is a major difference between the Neighbour and the Stewarton. The latter is timber.


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