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Poly Hives sizes and vendors.

Lyson of Poland aka as Abelo on Ebay National and Langstroth


Swienty of Denmark: National and Langstroth


Paynes: National


Modern Beekeeping:  Langstroth and National


Beehive Supplies.  www.beehivesupplies.co.uk


It pays of course to shop around and of the above I have hand on experience with Paynes, Lyson and Swienty.

The paynes produce is too thin in places for my liking and the alighting board would be a real pain if moving bees regularly.

The Lyson product is dense and the bees seem happy enough in it, though this is the first season in it.

I have used Swienty for years now and have no reservations with it.

I have not trialled the Modern Beekeeping type and have reservations about the compatibility with the lip design. Others say it works well but whether it will still be a useful product in 35 years time we will see. I am seeing online reports that people are giving them up in favour of other designs.

I have seen poly Langstroths which are 35 years old and still perfectly functional on a bee farm. Poly has been around a bit longer than some think….



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