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What is Natural Beekeeping?

This is a very good question with it seems many answers depending on who you talk to.

There are websites to be found via a search online.

My problem with the Natural movement is when one tries to tie them down to nuts and bolts, the goalposts move, to mix metaphors.

For instance, “My bees are varroa free.” Excellent can I buy some queens from you to try myself? “No as they need to be run my way only” Ok so if your bees are varroa free why is the world not beating a path to your door? “Because I am not telling them”

And so it goes. I find a lot of the claims……. shall I be kind and say I remain a sceptic. There is a great deal made of Top Bar Hives and having run these in miniature for many years now, over 20, I find the bees behave as I would expect. No wondrous differences, but my eyes are not what they were so I am probably missing something. 



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